For Eductators

With her unique blend of coaching skills, professional qualification as a psychologist, and experience as an Inspector of Education, Noreen can help with your own professional and personal development. In addition, with her quality assurance experience, Noreen can help you ensure your school is driving your young people to be happy and achieving learners.

For Parents

Noreen has extensive experience working with parents and children to help families achieve their best. She has particular expertise in helping those with additional support needs and tragic circumstances. She brings her personal experience of her family overcoming adversity, and her professional qualification as a psychologist.

Due to Attention Deficit hyperactive Disorder, our son had great difficuly studying and concentrating.

In between the ages of 13 and 15, he had the fortune to receive weekly guidance by Noreen Phillips for a period of two years, in which he managed to learn many new study strategies as well as self-reflective skills. We have experienced Noreen as very engaged and professionally skilled but more importantly as a mindful, caring, non- judgmental and very empathic educator with a good sense of humor.

Our sun has gained self-confidence and self-management skills and under her wings has ripened into an independent learner.

We are very grateful and would, without any hesitation recommend any caring parent to trust Noreen with the guidance of their children.

Jessica Abicht, Singapore