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All Children Can Achieve Great Things

At the age of 8, Adam Khoo, our charismatic founder, was expelled from school for misbehaviour and poor academic results; which made his loving parents beg other primary schools to give him a second chance to study. He fared poorly in his PSLE and was enrolled in a secondary school outside of his first six choices. Worse still, young Adam had to contend with arguably his toughest period at home when his parents were going through a divorce.

Adam Khoo’s days of underachievement were transformed at the turning point of his education when he started to learn how to set clear and measurable goals in life and develop powerful study skills - making him top his school in the GCE 'O' Level examinations. Adam went on to study at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he ranked among the top 1 percent of academic achievers and became a pioneer in the university's Talent Development Programme (TDP), the tertiary equivalent of the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) for primary schools.

Happy Children, Happy Results

Today, Adam Khoo’s personification of developing empowering beliefs and effective learning skills is the cornerstone of Adam Khoo Learning Centre. Our English Mastery™ and Maths Mastery™ enrichment programmes are specially designed to help students develop the motivation, confidence and effective learning skills to achieve top grades in English and Mathematics. These programmes were developed specifically to help young children effectively achieve academic success in school.

Transforming Lives Every Day

Adam Khoo Learning Centre is established with the genuine belief that all children can achieve great things. Since our inception in 2006, we have held on to the proud tradition of not cherry-picking students based on their current results. Moreover, 1 out of every 2 AKLC students scored an 'A/A*' grade for their PSLE; with many of them returning to our centres as teenage coaches during school holidays, eager to serve as an inspirational example and share their skills to transform the lives of their juniors. These are great times for your children to experience learning from successful students who have learned from programmes developed by Adam Khoo Learning Centre. Being in the company of their seniors and being coached by them in their academic development serves as a wonderful motivational experience.


English Mastery™


Maths Mastery™


English Mastery™

The English Mastery™ programme, available from Kindergaten 1 to Secondary 4, is developed by English expert Dr Cheah Yin Mee. This programme builds upon the latest MOE syllabus and incorporates the best practices from her research and more than 30 years of experience as an English language specialist and best-selling author.

Discover how your children can:

★ Develop a flair for creative and stylistic writing

★ Tackle English exams confidently

★ Improve their vocabulary

★ Build self-confidence

★ Strategise their learning with our proven methods

★ Hone their critical thinking with discussions on real-world problems

★ Gain an advantage by learning the ins-and-outs of expository writing (Secondary)

English Mastery™ is dedicated to helping students improve their English, especially their reading and writing skills. Unlike other English tuition centres, Adam Khoo Learning Centre's English Mastery™ programme takes an integrated, holistic approach to language learning and focuses on developing student interest and motivation in addition to honing their skills in English. Developing English Language skills at an early age will prepare your children for success in the ever increasing globalisation of modern life. Give your children the learning edge, what are you waiting for?

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Maths Mastery™

The Maths Mastery™ programme, developed by Maths expert Dr Peter Yan, builds upon the latest MOE syllabus and incorporates the best practices from his research of all current methods of solving sums and more than 30 years of experience in helping students score the A*s they deserve.

Discover how your children can:

★ Develop speed and accuracy

★ Tackle tough problem sums confidently

★ Eliminate careless mistakes

★ Understand difficult concepts

Maths Mastery™ is a revolutionary whole-brain integration learning system which allows students to maximise the use of both their left and right brains. It is a simple, yet unique, system that benefits both the strong and weaker students, not only in scoring the A*s they deserve, but at the same time, ensuring that they gain the confidence that will help pave their way smoothly into Secondary school and beyond.

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I am proud that my grade jumped from a D to B for PSLE English!

I usually score less than 55 marks for my English before joining AKLC. Being a dyslexic, language has always been a problem to me. The English Mastery™ programme helped me understand vocabulary and grammar better. I am proud that I scored a B for my PSLE English. Adam Khoo Learning Centre provides the motivational push as I work hard on focusing on my academic growth and developing a sharp mind.

Muhammad Rayan Bin Mohd Ramlan

Tanjong Katong Primary School

D to B in PSLE English


Yes!!! ‘A’ for both English and Maths for my PSLE!

I’m so lucky my mum signed me up for the 3days PSLE Seminar held by Adam Khoo Learning Centre in June, which was just 4 months before PSLE. I was awakened & motivated by the trainer and realised that I’ve got no more time to waste. I decided to join AKLC for both English & Maths Mastery™ classes. As I moved towards PSLE, I started to like Maths & I improved from a mere 50 marks, grade ‘C’, to an ‘A’ grade for my PSLE! My English also improved from ‘C’ to ‘A’ for PSLE!!! Thank you AKLC & thank you mum for sending me to Adam Khoo Learning Centre!

Darren Lim Yeow Yong

Woodgrove Primary School

C to A for PSLE English and Maths


I was elated to achieve A* for PSLE Maths!

When I first joined Adam Khoo Learning Centre, I did not know any of the techniques taught, but slowly I got the hang of it. My trainer taught me strategies to tackle the difficult questions. I managed to apply the methods taught to counter the mathematical problems at PSLE. When I received my PSLE results, I was elated to find out that I achieved A*. The efforts I put in have paid off and the lessons were not a waste. I really appreciate my mother because with her encouragement, I had made the right choice in joining AKLC and enjoyed success in school. With Adam Khoo Learning Centre, gaining a wealth of knowledge through proper learning techniques and strategies became a possibility.

Syed Isyraq Bin Syed Malakus Salleh

White Sands Primary School

B to A* in PSLE Maths


My grade jumped from a D to B for PSLE!

Before enrolling into AKLC’s Maths Mastery™ lessons, I loathed anything related to mathematics and many people predicted that I would do badly for my PSLE mathematics paper. I joined AKLC Maths Mastery™ lessons with a D when I was in P6 and from then onwards, my hate for mathematics slowly went away. The camps and lessons conducted by AKLC were extremely helpful and I personally took action to learn many techniques in order to tackle higher order questions. I applied those techniques in my PSLE mathematics paper and felt like celebrating when I got my score of B! I recommend AKLC to all Primary and Secondary school students. You can learn the secrets to effective learning at Adam Khoo Learning Centre. Thank you AKLC!

Cheah Wei Ling

Fuhua Primary School

D to B in PSLE Maths


My grade jumped from a C to A for PSLE!

From a student with B in Maths and C in English, I successfully score A for both subjects. The methods taught have helped me excel in my PSLE and the trainers are always there to help me whenever I am in doubt. The idea of having Adam Khoo Learning Centre behind you helping you perform better in school is simply motivational. Thank you AKLC!

Leonard Tay

Fairfield Methodist School

C to A in PSLE English


My grade improved from B to A* for Maths!

After joining Adam Khoo Learning Centre for about a year, I spent lesser time in solving my Maths questions. I have also improved my grades in Maths from a B to an A* for PSLE. I am very thankful to my trainer for all her guidance and great motivational encouragement throughout the time in AKLC. It was good fortune, indeed, to have decided to join Adam Khoo Learning Centre!

Angel Leong Aun Chyi

Bukit View Primary School

B to A* in PSLE Maths


I am glad my grade jumped from D to A!

Getting a ‘D’ in Mathematics despite my best efforts in Primary 5 shook my confidence massively. I disliked the subject. When I enrolled in Adam Khoo Learning Centre, I was introduced to new concepts in solving Mathematics problems, such as the Arrow Transfer Model® method. I was instantly drawn to the new methods which made learning and understanding Maths interesting and fun. In Primary 6, I learnt to apply the different methods to various problem sums and slowly gained success in Maths. I improved gradually, and developed a love for Maths. I achieved ‘A’s for my Maths during Prelims and PSLE. I feel very pleased with my grades.

A Deepa

Raffles Girl’s Primary School

D to A in PSLE Maths


I finally scored an A for my PSLE Maths!

Before joining Adam Khoo Learning Centre, I was one of the lowest 20% in my cohort. No matter how much effort I put in, I only got a D for my Maths. After joining AKLC, my Maths result improved tremendously. My trainer ensured that we understood the topic before moving on. With the help of the trainer, support from my parents, and my own hard work, I successfully managed to score an A for PSLE.

Haikal Helmy Bin Muhd Norhelmy

Anglo-Chinese School

D to A in PSLE Maths


Embark on an Enriching Career Nurturing the Future Generation Today!


Expand Your Horizons

A career with Adam Khoo Learning Centre offers you a fantastic opportunity to develop your career with international education. You will be part of a dynamic, innovative organisation and management team focused on providing the complete education solution to our learning centres and schools in Singapore as well as our overseas franchise partners. With Adam Khoo Learning Centre, you are working to develop the future generation to lead successful lives.

Varied and Dynamic

Due to the nature of our work, we offer a huge variety of roles throughout our organisation in the areas of training, curriculum development, management and leadership. No matter which department or centre you are based in, our approach remains united in nurturing the love for learning and working to achieve results.

We believe in "YOU"

We are passionate about our people. We encourage our talents to pursue their professional development by providing internal and external support and training to enable them to achieve their individual goals and professional success. Our talents enjoy a wide range of benefits in addition to those expected as part of our country standard.

Learning Centre Trainer (Singapore)


Be part of the dynamic team of trainers working with English and Maths experts Dr Cheah Yin Mee and Dr Peter Yan!


★ Proven excellence in MOE developing and teaching PSLE / 'O' levels English and Maths syllabus

★ PGDE (NIE) or overseas equivalent, distinction or merit preferred

★ Passionate about mentoring students

★ Able to train on weekends

A competitive remuneration package and rewarding career awaits you!

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Learning Centre Trainer (Indonesia)


This is a unique opportunity where the trainers will be based in Singapore for 12 months before assuming leadership posts at our Jakarta franchisees. Be part of the dynamic team of trainers working with English and Maths experts Dr Cheah Yin Mee and Dr Peter Yan!


★ PGDE (NIE) or overseas equivalent, distinction or merit preferred

★ An in-depth understanding of education scene in Indonesia- National, National Plus and International Schools

★ Passionate about mentoring students

★ Able to train on weekends

A competitive remuneration package and rewarding career awaits you!

Click here to embark on an enriching career nurturing the future generation today!

Learning Centre Executive (Singapore & Indonesia)


Be part of the dynamic team of Executives who manage our Learning Centres!


★ Strong Organisational and Office Skills

★ Self Motivated and Passionate about Building Business

★ Excellent Communication Skills and Connects with Parents Effortlessly

★ Excellent Interpersonal Skills and Thrives in Teamwork

We are looking for candidates who:

★ Enjoy a young and vibrant work environment

★ Are pro-active go getters who make things happen

★ Want a career where learning and change is the only constant

★ Are able to work on weekends

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Learning Centre Franchisee (Overseas)


Be part of the dynamic team of franchisees who build up and grow our Learning Centres!

We are looking for candidates who:

★ Are Self-Motivated and Passionate about Building Business

★ Are pro-active go getters who make things happen

★ Want a career where learning and change is the only constant


★ Demonstrate ability to invest > USD200,000 as start-up capital

★ Demonstrate commitment to literacy development and character development

★ Proven track record in business or education will be an advantage

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